Dear colleague

The IATF-ICEBAT webinar series ran between October 2020 and June 2021: 4 online webinars and 2 prerecorded ones

We consider the series a success with over 50 participants from over 30 countries. They lparticipated in about 11 hours of webinars, comprehensively completed with descriptions, bullet points, teasers, handouts, clinical messages and quotes. I would like to thank the IATF related speakers and especially our guest speakers for the invested engagement and time:

Jens Bansi, Oliver Krouwel. Eric Meyer, Daisuke Sato, Anne Bommer, Javier Guueita, Ben Waller and Urs Gamper

Johan Lambeck, scientific chair

Quotes from Loading Systems Webinar of October 11
Quotes from Neuro-inflammation and Executive Functions Webinar of December 20
Quotes from Clinical Ai Chi in CDT bonus Webinar 1
Quotes from the neurophysiology of persistent pain Webinar of February 28
Quotes from children with neurological challenges Webinar of April 18
Quotes from Fluidmechanics bonus Webinar 2
Quotes from the Aquatic neuroscience Webinar of June 6

ICEBAT-Webinars were supported by EWAC Medical