Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Aquatic Therapy is offered at the Valens course

CAS explained
Swiss universities (Swissuni, http://www.swissuni.ch/titles/index_EN) run a continuing education programme, of which the Certificate of Advanced Studies is the successor of post-graduate diploma courses. A CAS offers specific training on a particular topic, enabling students to acquire an additional qualification in a particular area. Courses equate a minimum of 10 European Credits (ECTS) and require an investment of about 300 hour’s work, including self study, a short project.

The Valens CAS Aquatic Therapy is accredited by the SUPSI university of applied sciences in Landquart (CH) to offer a CAS: 5 credits for WST, 3 for BRRM and 2 for the other modules. The eligibility to give credits for this course, according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), also means a recognition of it’s academic level. Our CAS is only eligible for applicants of the Valens course who have a Bachelor degree. The 10 credits can only be earned by those that study at a University (of Applied Sciences) that participates in the ECTS system.

This also means additional work:

  • individual examination for WST and BRRM with Urs Gamper and Johan Lambeck
  • A case report of 10 WST treatments within 3 months
  • A case report of 6 BRRM treatments within 3 months

WST: the course itself, as well the extra work before, during and after the course will give 5 credits

BRRM: the course itself, as well as the extra work before, during and after the course will give 3 credits

The other modules 3 - 5 will give 2 credits. There will be no exam's or post-course work involved.

SUPSI charges a fee for the administration of the credits and the study centre also for the extra work involved (individual examination, assessing the case reports)