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terapia acueticallli 

 This second edition of the Spanish book Terapia Acuática has been released October 2020. It has been completely revised: updated references, rewritten chapters and also new chapters were added. I myself edited 2 chapters: Water Specific Therapy and Clinical Ai Chi. In the latter chapter I included e.g. possibilities to use CAC in a mindful way and remarks about influencing fascial resilience with CAC. The updated case description has been related to Water Specific Therapy to show coherence in clinical reasoning. In the Bad Ragaz chapter new patterns like lifting and chopping have been included by two other IATF lecturers: Urs Gamper and Ben Waller.

But more exciting are the chapters about occupational therapy and speech therapy: I have never seen a more comprehensive description: every aquatic therapist who believes in team work has to read it. And then my favorite: the chapter that Javier Güeita ans Selene Hoyas Havila have written together with the excellent Japanes aquatic brain researcher Daisuke Sato: unraffling some secrets of informationn processing. Just one thing I want to reveal here: immersion is a primer for plasticity in the primary motor cortex: first in the pool and then on land.