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He is a disciple of Professor Wang Xiaojun (Ph.D. degree in Taiji studies in Physical Education, lecturer at the Taiji and Qigong Department at the Beijing Sports University; graduate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, 4th Generation in Beijing Chen Style Taijiquan) from who he has received all the theoretical and practical training of the Qigong and Taiji program since 2002. This traditional form of teaching has been done personally and directly, from master (Shifu) to disciple (Dudi) on his 15 trips to China (Beijing Sport University) and the 19 trips of Professor Wang to Valencia, where he has lived with him and organized his courses at Tantien School. Due to this close relationship, he was recognized by Master Wang as the 5th generation of the Beijing Chen style lineage of Taijiquan.
Trained in courses of the Anatomy for Movement method (Blandine Calais Germain), TCM and Mindfulness. Communication and learning with Dr. in Philosophy and Education Science, Dr. Bernardo Ortín (expert in NLP, Brief Therapy).

Dedicated exclusively to the teaching of Qigong and Taiji since 1994, he directs a team of teachers at the Tantien School in Valencia, where he trains professionals in these areas. He has been an instructor for 19 years at the Physical Education and Sports Service of the University of Valencia, Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia, Lecturer at the Master's program "Fitness training for older adults" at the Department of Science and Physical Education (University of Valencia). He has done many courses and conferences in different public and private organizations in Spain, with workshops also in China, Italy, Belgium and Bosnia-Hezergobina.
He participated as an expert model in the study of "EEG feature extraction as markers for states and traits associated with Mindfulness meditation practice" obtaining relevant positive changes in brain function.
Elite athlete with Taichi gold medal (Valencia Autonomus Region Championship) 2006 and 2008, Silver medal (Spanish National Campionship) 2006 and 2008.
Organizer of Taichi and Chikung study trips to China from 2004 and nature retreats in Spain.
Lately, he carries out personal practices of Qigong and Taiji adapted in the pool as an experiment in the aquatic environment, joining the benefits of these oriental disciplines to those of water exercises.

"Beyond the theoretical knowledge and work done, my great treasure comes from the passionate daily practice of these internal arts for 33 years. With them, sensitivity, balance, body and emotional intelligence and spirit are developed when exercising the attention on movement, posture, breathing, thoughts, emotions and energy that unite them, giving a more practical, healthy and profound meaning to life. On the other hand, my desire to transmit all these knowledge and experiences It has led me to explore skills and tools in communication and learning. It is exciting to see how throughout my 26 years as a teacher I have been able to accompany a large number of students and see their positive transformation. Right now, my life is focused on walking from quantity to quality, learn from others and share my most essential experiences. "

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